burst of regret

28 May

Fading into the sunset
my stomach knots all burst today…
and I made threats i didn’t mean
said things i ought never say….

and as soon as i said it,
i saw your face & my heart broke,
never felt so awful & wrong &
and I felt the tears pint up in my throat…

Oh maybe I’m crazy…
Heaven knows I didn’t mean that
you shook your had sadly,
said your doing all you can & then that…

you’ve done everything to show me
that you love me inside out,
and if that isn’t enough for me,
well then, that’s for me to figure out…

I couldn’t say sorry enough times.
wish you were here to hold you close
i can’t believe that you forgave me again…
said that for you, I should trust & know…

you’ll always love me.
never doubt that your love is true.
I wish i had you here
i promise i want to see this through…


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