28 May

Your forgiveness & your love…
your loyalty… your trust…best friends.
i’ve never met anyone like you in my life
and i’m sure i never will ever again.

I will do anything & everything to show you.
I will be yours forever & even more…
I can’t believe I was ever such a fool,
as to not know, but now I’m sure…

You are mine, i’m claiming you now.
& i’ll be yours, through & through.
no more questions, no more challenges,
I’ve narrowed it down to no one or you.

Look, i know i go crazy with the distance,
but i still haven’t left you yet, have I?
and i know i shouldn’t use it as a threat,
i promise I’ll work to be better, more than just try…

i love you. i want you.
& if you can’t love me, no one can.
i miss you, i wish you,
were here right now, holding my hand…


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