no trades for me.

29 May

uncertainty lingers behind the promises we make…
“I mean it, if you do…” is so much easier to say…

Than to admit to you, with humble truth,
i would be crushed if you ever let us end.
than to truly just tell you, that no matter what,
you are going to be the one to win…

you will either win my heart forever,
or you will win when when you break it behind…
but the only reason i’m using these if’s…
is to make it seem like i’m not so blind…

But, honestly, Kevin, you know i am.
I wouldn’t have dated you if i didn’t think
there was a permanent enhancement of
all that we already were & could be…

I know that I am so lucky to be with you.
Yes, i want to be treasured, but only by you.
a dear friend is the greatest treasure of all,
and you, my dear, have proven golden true.

I love you, i miss you… let’s make this last.
i want you, i trust you… while it can’t be fast…
i would have waited for you, another 10 years,
and i will wait for you, despite trials & tears…

i am yours & you are mine.
no questions or doubts fill my mind.

i swear i’ve loved you from the beginning of time.
we were born in the same room, & fate doesn’t lie.
you say you wouldn’t trade being with me for the world…
well i wouldn’t trade you for the world and an extra life…

i love you.


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