i’ll give this to long distance

10 Jun

i will give this to long-distance:
it’s not for the weak of heart…
it’s not for those who lack trust,
not every one can love from afar…

and i’ll grant this to long-distance,
it takes devotion like i’ve never given before,
but in learning to devote, & deciding if it’s best,
i’m becoming decidedly sure all the more…

any couple who can make it
through 2 years apart,
and one year together after that,
is a couple, i’m pretty sure will last…

you know, by every definition,
i really don’t fit the long-distance type…
but for you, i think i could do this,
for you, maybe i just might…

i guess what i’m saying,
is it’s a process that weeds out the flakes,
and i since i don’t plan on getting weeded,
well, there’s a good chance you & I could be great


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