uniquely average

19 Jun

Oh, I’m fine with never perfect
I’m okay with who I am…
I work hard and I’ve earned some
Messed up and dropped things out of my hands…

And I know I ain’t no model,
And I’ll never be the very best,
Possibly nothing even close,
So don’t bother putting me through your tests…

I’m okay with being the side-kick girl
A little bit witty, who has a few good friends,
Brown hair, hazel eyes, ordinary world,
Decently patient, who isn’t always the one to win…

I’ll never be super famous,
But you know, that really works for me…
But don’t you think that means mediocre,
Don’t go passing me off as not worth anything…

My ambitions are to love & be loved…
To make a difference in 10 lives,
I want to leave behind some poems,
And get to heaven when I die…

I hope to have many children,
Of character, drive, & trust in the Lord,
I know I’ll never be perfect,
But I also hope, I’m never just an ordinary girl…


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