a song is not enough

03 Aug

I would write you a song,
but music notes
just simply can’t reach
to the depths our relationship goes …

and I would write lyrics too,
but words truly are too few
to describe what I’m trying to…
say about me & you….

and a song is only minutes,
but we’ve known each other for years,
a song can’t ring our laughter,
or echo the strength of our tears…

and it would have to go on & on & on…
stuck in our words, hearts, & minds…
and since life is not one big musical,
instead, a poem simply always seems right.

Just a short little verse that doesn’t
even pretend to scratch the surface of ‘us’…
a sort of note to prove that i truly tried,
but music isn’t enough… not for love.


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One response to “a song is not enough

  1. holeinthefabic

    August 19, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    My favorite line was “but music isn’t enough… not for love.” This is really sad and goes deep but I can relate in a way that just gave me chills when I read it good job.


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