Frustration at first sight…

31 Aug

I remember the first time I looked at you
and thought, “dang, his eyes are blue!”
as you sat, constantly checking your watch,
i assumed there must have been some girl too…

But moments turned to minutes,
& finally I found the nerve to break my trance
asked what time it was & ‘oh that early?
well in that case… would you like to dance?’

from you’re off rhythm dance moves,
to a walk in downtown DC,
from an off-season beach visit,
to our road-trip to Raleigh…

You are the only boy from moment one
I looked at & was captivated
I’ve spent years trying to break the spell
still feeling the pulls of enchantment

Oh release me, or come back into my life.
i thought it would go away, but I’m starting to realize

that it doesn’t really matter,
what i would like my heart to feel,
it’s already chosen you, you know…
no matter what or how my mind wills…
indeed, in you i found, frustration at first sight


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