oh love…. doesn’t feel the same

06 Oct

OH love, oh love, oh love…
it doesn’t feel the same,
now that we’ve talked it out…
i’m sure that something’s changed…

OH love… why are you letting go?

And now you point a finger at me saying
‘now, just look at you
& all the ways that you
haven’t followed through”…

But, love… it’s not about what we said
it’s about who you are
who i am, who we could be
oh don’t you see?..

that what we once believed
isn’t everything…
oh love, you either do or don’t
love me….

because love defeats everything…


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One response to “oh love…. doesn’t feel the same

  1. cloxdaabsentee

    October 7, 2012 at 1:59 am

    love defeats everything


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