just walking away…

21 Oct

Funny how one day one wedding
can make everything change…
And for the first time & for the last time…
I’m walking away…

Don’t know if love is black or white
But I know that it ain’t shades of grey…
Never been the kind to leave a friend
but feeling used & left with no name…

Best friends, we pinkie promised
Wrote an oath & signed in pen…
Funny how with time we grow &
Wonder what’s the point of it?

We were best friends,
We were known as ‘the twins’
We grew up in each other’s homes…
Is this really going to be the end?

Cuz you grew up & are getting married
And all this drama is for one day…
You want me to give a toast but,
For the first & last time, I’m walking away

Tired of being the one you call up late,
Always talking about you & your life,
Always me waking up early or staying up late,
Feeling taken for granted & utilized…

So for the first time
And for the last time
I love you girl but I…
Am walking away….


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