but i didn’t love you

22 Nov

I loved how much you loved me…
but someone else can too…
I loved all the attention…
but someday, someone else will listen too…

I loved that you were so loyal
committed & true…
only problem was…
that i was not actually in love with you…

I couldn’t stand how you
could cook better than me,
and that you couldn’t even name
all the NFL teams….

it drove me insane,
how your life plans always changed
and that you cared as much about fashion
as I did about climbing the range…

you were an amazing best friend…
and you truly were always there for me…
but at least for right now baby,
you & I were not made to be…


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One response to “but i didn’t love you

  1. wordzofapoet

    November 24, 2012 at 7:49 am

    beautiful words ❤
    I'm sorry things didn't work out! (hug)


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