guilt mask… be mean

28 Nov

Don’t use your “sorry”s & tears as a clever little mask,
to make you feel less guilty for how much you’re really glad…
inside a small part of you is breaking free to fly…
don’t leave my soul with dangling questions, don’t cry…

Look, stop living in denial, we can not ever be just friends
And you know my heart is already aching, I don’t want to do this again…
I’m already bleeding, so put me out of my misery,
Use a knife, use a gun, use a hammer, use kerosene…

Leave our future in shreds of ruined miles of tire…
Leave no trace of hope or maybe, set ‘us’ on fire…
Don’t leave any pieces bleeding love through…
Crush me until ashes of anger is all I have for you

I remember seeing your eyes slowly stop following me from afar,
realizing the distance was to great for me to keep grip of your heart…
Just stop trying to be all nice, about killing you & me…
Do me justice & baby please; crush my heart & dreams: be mean…


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One response to “guilt mask… be mean

  1. suzannagoretti

    December 10, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Beautifully written, but I would say maybe a dangerous sentiment, I don’t think we really ever want someone to be mean to us, even if we want that room from them, but this is a beatiful representation of that side of us that does want that!


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