I’ll be honest… and that’s okay

13 Dec

I’ll be honest, i’m not that happy…
But you know what, sometimes that’s okay…
Because I know it’s a cold dark winter,
And i’ll have more laughs on some summer day…

I’ll be honest, i’m really scared nobody will love me
Nobody will love me for who i really am…
but even more scary is that I wonder if i can love him
but you know what, time will tell me if anyone can…

And you know, to be honest right now…
i feel so alone, useless, & just really ugly inside out…
But my plan is just to say my prayers, & wish on stars,
until time & sunshine eventually will end my doubt…

and i’ll be honest, i’m not okay….
but there’s a beauty to accepting this sorrow,
and i have faith that there will be more smiles,
if i can just wait it out, until tomorrow’s tomorrow…


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