heart in the hands of another

08 Jan

If you put your heart in the hands of another,
heart break is all that you can expect in return…
So i shall hold my heart in the freezer of time,
and deny you the warmth for which you yearn…

but then as months move forward i begin to get cold,
and realize that only in risking it’s loss, can love be received…
So i cautiously broke my heart, and gave you one piece at a time…
then i looked at my hands and saw all the blood i’d released…

So whole hearted or cold hearted, i shall no longer break
my own being for the sake of preserving my cautious dignity…
And what is love preserved frozen until I die alone?..
but some sad shadow of all that very well still could be?

So i’m thawing out this cold hearted bitch i’ve become…
and this time when i trust my heart in the hands of another,
I shall judge ahead how worthy & strong are those hands
because to me he must be more than just another… he must be my lover…


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