life goes on outside the mountains

09 Feb

In my desert, in mountain town…
cut off from the world & it’s breaking me down…
oh & i don’t want to jump back in,
but it’s starting to pull me back again…

that life, and this world, they go on….

Oh & you can pretend that it stops
oh & you can make wishes at every 11:11 oclock,
oh & you can act like you don’t care what happens next
but my deepest fear, is that it is exactly what i expect…

Oh & i’ll wake up tomorrow & still be alone
oh & i’ll wake up tomorrow & still have let all those chances go…
oh & i’ll wake up in the mountains, with nothing of a plan
oh i’m just as pathetic now, as that night i wouldn’t hold your hand…

funny how my greatest regret.
is that i didn’t join you on that dance,
wonder if we ever get a second chance?
or if you were my only shot at true love…


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2 responses to “life goes on outside the mountains

  1. Eric Alagan

    February 9, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    Strange how the mind focuses on opportunities missed but every crossroad of life leads to the same destination — questions left unanswered, I reckon.


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