She watched the steam rise from the floor

13 Feb

she stood there in the shower
watching the steam rise from the floor
and at that moment it hit her from within…
“i just can’t keep doing this anymore…”

I have all these different guys
who i want around to give me attention
when in my heart i know that i truly don’t
wish to be with any one of them…

How did i get to where i justify
myself playing them like puppets on string?
since when have i been so desperate?
and since when was i that full of apathy?

…that i can’t just be happy
without always being the one adored?!
what a bitch i am becoming!…
using supposed insecurity as a hook & sword!

sigh, i need to let them go; i’m living this lie
she sat down there in the steam- broke down & cried…
what kind of fake triple sided person have i become?
i can’t keep being this evil temptress… what has my foolish pride done?


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