Quest to purge my heart

19 Feb

The freedom is overwhelming
when you realize you can do what’s right…
Lift the guilt off your shoulders
as you forgive & apologize…


going back through old grudges,
writing them on little notes,
and then one by one i light them on fire
cleansing my heart as i let it go…

looking up the old names
of folks that i wronged long ago…
and sending them words of regret and sorry
that we both know i truly owe…

and then one by one with those now
who i have shown a double standard to…
i release them from the strings i held
show them my sin asked to be excused…

humiliated and humbled,
But I’m sick of guilty lies and truths…
so i am on a quest to purge my soul
and renew that peace i once knew


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One response to “Quest to purge my heart

  1. Bluesander

    February 21, 2013 at 3:34 am

    So I am…on that same quest. It has been too long since I’ve visited your blog.


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