my island soul

22 Feb

if i were to paint a picture & call it me…
I’d paint a slightly mysteriously distant scene…
of an island jungle mountain in the sea,

with a stranded lonely girl revealed on the sand,
always trying to find a new way onto mainland…
you can see what she can’t understand….

that she is hundreds of miles from other souls…
she’ll always be in her own world all alone….
she’s too distant to be heard or shown….

throwing a new bottle every day,
slowly growing in content in her own way…
prison of paradise owns her name…

little soul, why do you want to be saved?
Don’t you know the world is a harsh mean place?
i guess it’s too late, they just saw my flame….

i’ve been found… do i really want to be known around?
before i really know who i even am?


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