mid 20’s crisis. (not a poem)

25 Feb

Right now i’m going through a mid-20’s crisis. . . . People say a lot of things to me about it. I’m not sure I would worry if it weren’t for all the old ladies who always are asking me if I have a boyfriend yet. And if i ever met Mrs. Nancy’s nephew yet? Other people roll their eyes & just say I’m young & not to worry. But then they always follow with some sort of odly discomforting closure such as “maybe you’re just not ready yet” or “you just wait… and he’ll find you”….

That was easy to hear like 5 years ago & i believed it then. but when I”m a bridesmaid in 2 weddings just this year & all my friends are having baby & wedding showers, it’s not so comforting. I mean, there isn’t even like a potential guy around. I don’t have a crush on anyone…. besides JJ watt, (a profession football player for the Texans) who it’s safe to say, has no idea i exist…

And I’m starting to get wrinkles around my eyes. I’m not really a superficial girl, but I freaked out! I feel like I’m getting older and older so fast now. And while i love being alone here in the mountains, i wonder if isolating myself here is really the best thing. I came for the peace and family. But i’m never going to meet anyone here…

And then my 30 yr old single cousin told me that if i wait too long all the hot, good catches will be slim to none by the time i get to his age… they have already been married off….

And being a girl doesn’t make it any easier. If i were a guy, I might go into the city & try asking someone who seems cool on a date every now & then… but as a girl, am i just supposed to go to some place alone & then just flirt a lot with a guy? i’m really a believer that the girl is supposed to be pursued, not the pursuer… SO now you see a little of my problem.

I bet i’m not the only one who feels like this. and i wouldn’t call it despair as much as ‘well, what am i supposed to do?’…


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2 responses to “mid 20’s crisis. (not a poem)

  1. wordzofapoet

    February 26, 2013 at 11:59 am

    Hey, I know it’s really scary and I can read that you’re freaking out, but your life shouldn’t be about finding a guy. Just because your friends are getting married and having kids, that doesn’t mean your life is stuck in this mid 20’s crisis and theirs is moving on into the “happily ever after”. Maybe stop searching for your Mr Perfect and just live! stop trying to build a future with every guy you meet and maybe just build a friendship? if all you’re going to think about is finding a guy to grow old with, you’re going to go insane! you once gave me advice after my break-up and I couldn’t write poetry and it was pretty awesome! here’s a link to a poem I wrote for one of my friends

    I hope this helps 🙂

  2. suzannagoretti

    March 12, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    That is such a hard part of being our age! I asked someone for advice the other day about finding the right person, and he had some good advice about not being “married to the idea of being married” and I was like “Oh yeah sure!” But people say that kind of thing to me all the time, and it’s like if you are frustrated about not having found that person there’s something wrong with you. All I know to do is just keep praying about it, and stick with your best girl friends, my girl friends are the best thing for my 20’s crisis. I have one who always remind me I’m worth fighting for, and I am so grateful for her!


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