one less cheating guy

25 Feb

Sometimes I know something is wrong
and you know that feeling in your gut?
that one that pulls your conscious’s strings
…I got that as i turned the keys of the truck…

I could see the dark orange cloud hovering
over the mountains in the distant sky…
I knew it was a blizzard coming my way
but I was crazed, & pulled that stick into DRIVE…

I didn’t need a weatherman that night
to tell me i was in for ice, snow, and winds…
and it didn’t take a genius to foretell,
i wasn’t the only one who was going to regret this…

If i left right then, i could catch him in the act,
if i made it alive, and my car slid as i turned…
either he was dead or i would be by the end of the night
I drove through that solid wall of blankness as my rage burned…

Oh he was going to get it, gunna get it good
thought he had an alibi for not showing up…
oh but storms of the heart are far more dangerous than
any sort of storm that nature could cook up…

the crimson liquid melted the ice,
but it was only a few minutes, before everything was white
i backed out of the drive way & crashed that night
and now we’re what’s called even… on a stormy orange night

ps. this did not happen. i don’t exactly know where this came from, it sort of wrote itself & is kind of creepy. i swear i don’t have anger issues & would never do anything like this. but it’s sorta just creepy enough i like it. so on it stays…


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2 responses to “one less cheating guy

  1. Bianca

    February 25, 2013 at 4:54 am

    I really like this!! I love how dark it is 🙂 Don’t ever feel the need to explain yourself when you write, just write and leave it at that 😉


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