a little too late

20 Mar

it all seems a little silly these days,
time with any of these guys is just a waste…
and sure it’s fine and dandy and fun…
but i still yearn for one who got away…

I’m still in love with the memories of us…
i’m still in love with that fantasy
I’m still in love with you the agnostic boy,
who i tried never to let get too close to me…

you were the one who i fell for so hard
and i don’t think i can ever move on
until i get the closure that we can try,
or that you are very sure that i am wrong…

i want so much to go back to that night
when i ran into your arms in the dark…
that moment you held my gaze & my heart beat so fast,
but then i gently pushed us apart…

crap. i still love you. and you’ve moved on.


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One response to “a little too late

  1. Katie Cullen

    March 22, 2013 at 6:37 am

    i know these feeling too well. I love how you’ve described it.


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