don’t fear it away

22 Mar

defeat. lol, it’s not so scary, right?
i mean the worst part isn’t even the hard fall,
it’s the part where you know deep inside,
that you could have changed this all…

So looking into the future,
at every open door ahead,
i can’t help but imagining the let down…
and it fills my hope with dread…

and have we ever been more let down,
than when it comes to a young girl with love?
i used to be one of those romantics, you know…
but you see, doubt, is what experience does….

So i write all these poems about taking this risk
and how i’m not going to let our sturdy love die…
but, son of a gun, i have yet to even send you a text,
and my heart is still living in this dreadful lie…

defeat, a self fulfilling prophesy, &despair, the ship upon which
dreams are held captive until, even with no ropes, we don’t try again….

But defeat, isn’t all that bad you know,
you’re not as week as when you were held in ropes,
really the worst part isn’t what it could be if you fail today,
the worst part, is you wasting your life as you fear it away…


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One response to “don’t fear it away

  1. suzannagoretti

    April 10, 2013 at 9:07 am

    Forget fear and defeat! We were not made for fear, we can’t give in!


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