nobody gets it right, i’m sorry

26 Mar

and i said i’m truly sorry inside out
i guess i just saw him as an escape from us,
i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,
just couldn’t face you, to tell you that i’d had enough…

and i know you had no way of knowing
because my communication when i’m upset doesn’t exist
but don’t act like i came in with a vendetta,
i just wanted to be through with all of this….

can we please just be friends again?
i really want to take back all of the distractions
i guess it was my fault for leading you on,
but at the time, i was just following my gut reactions…

so, oh, please just say it’s okay, you forgive me…
like why, do you need to make me sit here feeling so guilty,
what it really comes down to, is i scarred your perfect pride,
but oh c’mon, be a man, don’t be so dramatic like it was a crime….

i never meant to hurt or deceive you…
i only meant to release my own heart…
listen, i know it was selfish at best,
but don’t act like you haven’t caused scars…

nobody gets it all right…
will you forgive me or hold onto your pride?…


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One response to “nobody gets it right, i’m sorry

  1. suzannagoretti

    April 10, 2013 at 9:06 am



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