She was just a waterfall

11 Apr

She was just a waterfall….
So beautiful and enrapturing
Powerful and thunderous,
Yet, gentle and fascinating…

She reflected the beauty of the sunlight
Like a rainbow in the misty haze…
Oh she was like a waterfall…
Let a few tears fall every day….

And her sister tried to love her with her whole heart
But her sister had no idea it would be so hard
to convince her that it’s okay not to be a normal river…
and that waterfalls and calm waters both have equal parts…

and the father loved that waterfall like the sunshine
and when he was around, that’s when she sparkled most…
but nobody knew the pain of the rocks beaten beneath the rapids…
and it wasn’t long before that waterfall let her life fall into a ghost…

and so now, I, that sister sit in her room tonight…
haunted by snow-globes and treasure boxes she once cherished on a shelf…
I wonder if she’ll ever wake up from the trance & rubble of the storm?…
Without love, there’s no point in distractions; she was my cherished wealth….


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