make you my man…

16 Apr

I just want to kidnap your heart,
steal you away and isolate you,
make you fall in love with me forever,
the way i feel like I really could with you…

every piece of this puzzle fits together
from katherine hepburn to george strait,
but if you’re going to break my heart….
well, i’d rather just skip love if it’s a waste…

oh i’ve not been like this since high school
so sure i want to make you mine…
what’s wrong with me? why is this happening?
why can’t i get your brown eyes out of my mind?

i mean i don’t like brown eyed boys
and i don’t like long distance & roads
i don’t ever make myself so dang transparent
or wait for the guy to say it’s time to go…

but honey, i’ll be a romantic for you…
i’ll be your second nascar fan….
but i swear if you break my heart…
but right now, i just gotta make you my man.


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2 responses to “make you my man…

  1. Eric Alagan

    April 16, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    Amidst all that lovey-dovey stuff, hope that brown-eyed fella caught this line, for his own sake:
    ” — but i swear if you break my heart — ”

    These words remind me of a Black Widow spider.

    You did say your blog is about your “words” and not about “you”. Thank goodness for that 🙂


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