strong to a weakness

26 Apr

so gosh darn strong….
it’s become her weakness, so to speak
so damn stubborn….
she won’t open up to the help that she needs…

and whenever she senses danger,
she shuts down the parts that care…
oh so tough luck, or good good luck,
getting anywhere… anywhere past almost there…

because all love, any love
has a risk of a broken heart & pain…
and then she just shuts down,
cus that burden is a risk she can’t take…

and she carries on, she carries life so strong,
but at night she cries alone. always alone…
because she can’t get her self to come along,
and let her spirit and love go, forever alone…

but not this time, this time i’ll be weak…
i’m so done with being alone.


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One response to “strong to a weakness

  1. suzannagoretti

    May 24, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    Mournful, but beautiful!


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