let’s be crazy hippies…

05 May

spray paint the sidewalk blue….
build me a wagon turned canoe
and let’s pack ourselves some food supplies,
then go freaking crazy like the hippies do….

oh because this whole world
is a feral and rather wild place,
and we’re all just trying to tame
ourselves & the whole human race…

all these civilized rules and taxes
are starting to really get old to me,
i say we pull our wagon to the jungle,
or until we hit the edge of the sea…

and let’s just go wild like we are
deep down inside, where our souls are caged,
let’s dance around the beach
and ignore all the world judges us to say…

because if you & I are crazy together,
then i’m happy with this world of our own,
as long as i have you by my side,
then all the chaos simply goes,

our love makes the stars align
and all dandelion seed take flight in the wind,
our hearts make destiny come true,
and the whole world make sense again


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One response to “let’s be crazy hippies…

  1. suzannagoretti

    May 24, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    Listen to Lana Del Rey.


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