fly on…

19 May

Oh sweet little butterfly
don’t settle for any flower that’s pink
don’t give your loving to just any boy
who decides to give you a little sweet…

fly on.. to one who is ready & ripe
to give you all of its nectar and love
you are precious beyond your knowledge,
and he has to know that you’re all he wants

and as short as the sunny days are
and as fleeting as your beauty seems
I beg you not to settle for less,
fly on… until you find the one of dreams…

One who won’t just put up with all your quirks
but who will love you for the way that you twirl
not one who wants to hide you away from the sky,
but is proud to let you shine on his sunny world

Fly on, butterfly out of hope
fly on, butterfly out of dreams
fly on because waiting out there,
is the garden that is worthy of your beauty


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