missed a little bit

25 May

you think you’re so smooth with your walk
you got those cowboy eyes that gaze into souls
and with deceptive genuinity you caught me off guard
you made me think you could fill all my holes…

but heart breakers like you don’t really care…
you think I’m being dramatic, or clingy, or a prude…
you’ve already made me into this cookie cutter girl in your mind,
i know how it works, because i’ve done it all too…

but this time, i was going to step out
and explore regions of vulnerability i’v yet to explore…
but i should have been a little more careful
not to be overly eager to give everything more

so you won it, i guess
i kind of fell for you just a little bit
not as much as i thought at first…
but enough, that you’ll be missed…


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