enough… im not giving in…

27 May


the drama & the saga of a sad sad fail…
there is something tantalizing in a tragic tale…
all the lowly fighting on their way to the top
clawing & scratching, & letting each other drop

all the demotivating speeches of “just give in”…
but I’ve had enough! i’ve had a love! i shall find a way to win…
So don’t try tripping me down, I’ll turn it into a dance move…
don’t try throwing me with lies, I’ll read behind the lines to the truth…

I’ve had enough with talks of all i will never be…
but who made you judge? who stole your dream?
well this is mine & my life to live all the way around…
oh you can claw, you can drag… but you can’t take me down…

enough… i said i’ve had enough
i’m going…. i’m doing this…. if i fail, it will be
the most tragic drama of all!!!!
& everyone loves the story of a fall


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