tonight the castle is yours

27 May

Tonight the world is yours
you have my heart & more
you have your excess of pride
and you have stripped me of all mine…

tonight you built your castle a little more
one more stained glass window adorned
one more heart caught in your tower
one more captive subject under your power…

tonight I told you the truth
long awaited & long overdue
tonight I made a joke of 4 years
tonight I added to the waste of my tears

tonight I swore my allegiance to you, my king
tonight I realized there was no one else for me…
Only problem is, there is someone else for you…
so go be hers, & I’ll resign myself to my room….

tonight you rule the world
tonight you add my heart to your piggy bank
tonight you have it all in your hands
but someday that’s gunna change

tonight ain’t the end of the world
tonight is just one day
& today you rule the world,
but just wait…. just wait…


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