magic of the deep

29 May

what if i told you the world is magic?
that all around you, it flickers in the dark?
what if i told you, as you stare at your screen,
behind your back, you just missed a tiny little spark?

what if i told you that in rivers flow wishes,
but it only carries those desires that conjure a tear
and then as the stars reflect on the ripples,
they one by one, take on, a chosen cause from there….

and out of the pools of wishes shed,
the chosen dreams leap to the star’s bright thrones
and from the heavens, fate is woven into the tides
the tides when blessings seem to come & go…

But it’s all interlocked & it’s all one great scheme
and dandelion seeds hold more power than you think
and all the trivial wishes you roll your eyes as i plead…
oh the world is magical, & you’re missing the deep


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One response to “magic of the deep

  1. piercingthroughthewinds

    May 30, 2013 at 5:36 am

    beautiful ideas 😀


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