my muddy puddle

02 Jun

my own freaking puddle
of muddied water stands infested
what was once a clear pool of reason,
my conscious and values have been bested…

Not by some undermining mentor,
or by some devil stirring up debris,
no, my water has been muddied by pride,
and selfish thinking of me and only me…

And today the stagnant hot puddle
bred some insects of deadly disease…
and amid my selfish little world,
an ugly venom bit into somebody…

it poisoned someone who loves me,
and i was so thick in my world, i didn’t see…
that a few sharp words, let carelessly loose
had caused so much pain & suffering….

I hate how i feel separated from
the better person, i once swore i would stay
funny how pools become gutter puddles,
and how i guess you never know how things will change?…


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2 responses to “my muddy puddle

  1. Safa'a

    June 2, 2013 at 12:44 am

    I love it!


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