if it’s not yours

16 Jun

I could win another heart tonight beneath the stars
dance my way into another strong set of arms…
I could act all sorts of cute, giggle & kind of swoon
but it really wouldn’t mean nothing, if it’s not you….

All the time I’ve wasted on guys I knew weren’t right
It seemed so innocent & fun until it turns sour every time…
and now I’m set to stop playing around it isn’t fun anymore
I’m going to work on me, my heart, and wait for yours….

Because somewhere out there, there will be a guy
who I won’t have to charm or wear make up to hypnotize
and someone out there is just what I need, i know…
I won’t let the tick tock, push me where i ought not go…

So when I dance in the warm moonlight under the stars tonight…
I’ll smile nicely, but know to myself, none of these are mr. right,
it’s nice to meet you, you seem kind, but i’m holding out
just waiting for the guy, who doesn’t leave any doubt…


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