my fairyfail prince charming

16 Jun

Break through my labyrinth today
ridden with false walls, riddles & trap doors
if you can beat me at my twisted little games
then i might let you call me only yours…

But i don’t think most guys want to ride on a horse
fighting brambles, dragons, evil witches, and thorns…
to find a sleeping beauty whom’s beauty will fade
It seems girls are the seekers and guys the followers these days…

Oh but i’m caught in my dusty book of fairytales
writing a new chapter for a knight and his steed
while my own story is more of a fruitless useless fail…
with no mermaids, unicorns, or handsome prince charming

for of all the magical creatures in folklore,
least likely for you to ever find on earth,
is this perfect prince, they find at the end…
besides, if i did, i would not be of his worth….


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