us crazy girls…

24 Jun

because we’re all freaking crazy,
us girls, i guess, that is…
i mean most of the time I’m so balanced,
until freaking hormones kick in…

it really isn’t even our fault
that we go all mama bear
when you eat our chocolate
and wonder why we fervently care

as for the fact i love or hate you one day
and can be the total opposite the next…
look emotion at all, means we care
and if we don’t, then be grateful for the rest

and you can make fun of me all you want
for making googley faces at a baby
but someday you’ll be glad that your woman
will stay up all night for some little lady

and finally, sometimes i’ll cry for no good reason
don’t try to stand there & figure out why
just put your arm around me & know it doesn’t matter
but don’t you dare say it out-loud that night…

it’s just part of all us crazy girls

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