Monthly Archives: July 2013

fabric of fate

it is not for the money
& nor for the fame…
it is not for the pride,
nor for the privilege i play…

it is only for your heart
that I desire to win…
all the other rewards,
i hereby, forfeit…

So to the divine weaver of fate,
please, spend my fine twine
only on the riches of love & faith…
and all other wealth, i hereby decline

trading all my luck for him…
and the fruits of peace that go along with
the career, the respect, the fortune, the sway…
i’d give it all in an instant… just to love like we did…


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bigger & better after dreams

Life’s tough, i know
it gets hard to show
what you feel deep inside
but we always gotta try,

we keep pushing on
hoping for a new song
life’s not about you & me
it’s time to wake up from our dreams


it’s bigger, it’s better
it’s waiting, & it’s never
gunna stop
oh we need to look at what we’ve got

someday it’s gonna be so great,
but right now we gotta go our own ways
oh life’s big, while we’re small
we’re gonna be fine, just keep movin on…

just gotta keep movin on…

it’s bigger & it’s better

stop trying to fight for forever

because we could have it now


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just be real for me

once upon a time,
in a land where hearts only love
where emotions were shared equally
& there was no betrayal, only trust…

but- this world, is not our world,
so we must not pretend
that just a little bit of fire
means we’ll be each other’s ‘the end’

i am not your sleeping beauty
for i am far to fiesty & alive
and i am hardly a face worth poisoning,
so I can not be your snow white,

i have no magic powers
and i can not turn straw into gold…
i am not enchanted by some woman
to do exactly & only what i’m told…

fairytales are no more than dreams
& while dreams are fun & sweet
today, my dear, stop trying for charming,
& just be genuine enough to keep


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Julia’s star

I don’t want to hear another excuse filled night
darling girl, you’ve got it all in your hands
all you have to do is take that giant leap
& know that everyone won’t understand….

but you, you’re special, you should know…
not to let what they think, take control!
Take courage, my friend, i believe you
i believe in you’re beautiful, precious soul!

if you can keep that dream driving,
if you can keep the sparkles ahead,
if you don’t look away, i know you can…
don’t fall for the trap of a life like lead…

don’t let them try to convince you that
reality is the fear they live in as they settle for less
because fate is good to the fearless, you know…
you are beginning, don’t wear their burden on your chest…

Someone has to be the star,
and I believe you can go that far…
now get out there & shine…
Julia, just go be who you already are


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and it’s a little bit tiring
oh my feet are throbbing each night…
and it’s a little bit boring,
feeling myself falling into daily lines…

but it’s a little bit sweet,
the satisfaction of holding on again
oh I’m a little bit stronger
each time, i wake up, & face the world again…

oh & life it’s a little of this & a little of that
and a little of pushing through the slack
it’s a little of missing a little of wishing
then a little bit of happy with where i’m at

and i figure all the littles
they all make one big big world..
and it’s the small things that mean the most…
so it’s good so good, just being a little little girl


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found my heart as i got over you

Sound my music to the shadow of a tale
almost grande almost more than the legends do
We had an epic unfurling of hopeful dreams
but our story ended with no goodbye from you…

most would count that as “the end”
but here, we can count that as the start
because since the moment I finally moved on
that’s when I found the best of my heart

I am the one looking for an adventure
I am the pirate of seashell treasures at the beach
I am the swing dancer in a swirly skirt
who won’t let anything keep me from dancing…

i love lemon ice cream on hot summer days
go ahead let myself indulge in some chocolate cake
Get a manicure, pedicure, spoil myself through & through
i learned to love my life, when, i was just trying to get over you

watch that ship disappear into the sea of past blues…
sing that country song, even if i can’t keep the tune
starting a new adventure after climbing a mountain or two
Cuz you moved on, and finally, I’m free to love someone new…


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