listen little lady bug…

01 Aug

Cute little lady bug,
you ain’t got time to be stuck
with listening to me
and my wishes rambling…

but ill hold you clasped tight
until i’ll catch a firefly tonight
just so i can have a friend
to listen to the endlessness…

Oh I know… we had a flame,
and now you say let it burn…
but I’m finally solid free of heat
no more guy, no more hurt…

Oh I just want to run away
and so i bought a ticket on a plane
to fly across the ocean blue
and now you say that you want to come too…

Oh who am I to say this side is mine?
and you can’t come along?
but really i just want to have my adventure
and my own song…

i bought that ticket one-way
free of all the drama every day…
so fly away miss lady bug…
go be free, just leave me a little luck…


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