strong enough to hope

18 Aug

it’s easy to see how those girls
in the street got their starts
just took some good boy they loved
to turn into an asshole & break their hearts…

and sometimes the hardest time to feel accepted
is in the middle of those you love
and the only places that feel like home anymore…
are all the secret destinations to which you run.

I didn’t need a hero or a saint
i didn’t want a love song that would fizzle & end
i didn’t want a night full of false promises
all i was looking for, was a friend…

Have you ever felt the place you stand alone
is too far, too deep, for anyone else to go?
that instead of elaborating your story, you are cutting it short?
because now the details are actually too bitter to sort…

and realized all the hopes you’d gathered for years
all the promises you made to your heart…
tonight, i’m not okay, tonight, i cried alone,
but that’s okay, because tomorrow, i’ll be strong enough to hope


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