why i’m sailing the seas

21 Aug

when they say why? why?
I have no answer that will suit you
the only thing i can try
is to take you into my place…

where romance is a sugar coated way
for boys to get girls out of their lace…
where rules are just a challenge to break
and I’m sick of being a circle & squishing straight

Oh, I love the smell of a rose,
but it’ll sit here with me alone…
because mr. right, isn’t here tonight
and i’m tired of settling when i know…

I’m moving on, i’m sailing the seas
i shall become a pirate, & be set free
this world is nothing more than a phase to me

so you can sweet talk with all you’ve got
you can feed your tasty dreams of a tied knot
you can say you’re stubborn, but i’m already gone

but by february i’ll have been set free
you thought u wanted crazy,
but that was before
you knew how crazy “crazy” can be

tell them that I lost my mind
tell them that i was too eager to try
tell them that some red haired devil got to me…

tell them that i’m sick of being a square,
tell them that this little town in nowhere
has gotten just a little too small for me…

tell them it was the alien’s mental snare,
or tell them that God has called me there
or just tell them i went all out crazy…and am living in a dream

because i am.

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