when you capture the wild

10 Sep

once you capture the sparkle in the child’s eye,
hold the reflection of a ripple on a sunny stream,
grasp the rainbow’s colored vibrance in your hand,
or control the tide & the waves on the beach…

then, shall be the day, my free spirit shall too
be caught from the wild & tamed in a jar…
but the problem with waves, sparkles, & me…
is that once you tame them, they lose their meaning

the sparkle shall dull into a dim florescent light
and a ripple becomes nothing more than stagnant pond
the colorful vibrance shall be all but lost once forced still,
and the waves shall not seize until the moon is gone…

So beware your mission holds great danger,
beware, I prefer to fly in the winds of fate…
don’t be too hasty to fall for that wild mustang,
because, this little one, prefers the world’s stage…


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