emotion’s tide

16 Sep

Don’t know where emotions grow from
Or what makes them ebb away or run…
Can’t say I crashed into the deep,
As much as that I’ve waded into you & me…

And I wouldn’t write our book just yet
And I wouldn’t name our future pets…
And I wouldn’t envision the place we’ll be…
Because I’m afraid… it’s already happening…

I’m feeling little swirls of giggles & sweet
Getting little urges to kiss you on the cheek,
When i wake up, i see your ‘good morning’ text each day,
And today i realized, I can’t just let you slip away…

Because little quirky memories float like bubbles
Like holding hands, crossing streets over puddles,
You and I playing guitar on El Dorado’s park stage…
all the hippies came to listen on as the blue faded into grey…

You know, I won’t admit that crawling hugginess inside.
But the feelings are washing over like a full moon’s tide…
And looking back, over all the lemon ice cream days,
I can’t let the distance just make them drip away…


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