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You brought out the devil in me

i was the little angel with big green eyes,
everything in the world glowed with faithful love
you were the boy with those blue eyes,
knew just how to make me question all i’d learned of…

and i quickly turned to you for truth,
i didn’t know lies were all you could do,
you showed me how to really make a heart burn,
and then how to numb the newly aquired hurt…

you showed me that lightning doesn’t strike
just because we sinned those nights…
and that even sweet little teddies bears bleed,
and that ghosts aren’t just in my dreams…

then you taught me how to leave with out saying goodbye
just as my world crumbled into a mess of defensive lies
and i thought surely, it was different with you & I…
that’s when i learned that love isn’t always worth the try…

because you only brought out the devil in me,
oh, you taught me how to live in jealously,
you brought out the lies & sneaky little thief…
you made a fallen angel out of me…

and now i’m just reaching at the sunlight
but i can feel all the empty darkness inside,
just trying to grasp enough bright to outshine
all the bitterness you said would pass with time…


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move to the ends of the earth

nobody really needs to know
the insanity that within us all grows,
nobody really cares to share
all the anger, the hopes, and the fear…

once upon a time, our dreams begin
and soon there after they start to bend
and by the time you get to where i’m at
it’s like an all in or all out kind of drag…

and it’s not that i believe in fairy godmothers,
or that i have been lost in some fantasy,
but i’m tired of these boring just waiting things,
so I’m moving to South America this spring,

I’m pretty sure life will be the same for me
but i’m ready to live it with wonders anew,
and i’m ready for love, and trust again too
but most of all, i’m just once again ready to move

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Brighter trails

there’s a certain hour you reach
when all the walls have grown too high
and all the doors have closed to you
and you start to doubt another try….

oh then it’s not time to leave, heart like mine…
oh it’s not time to break into tears or broken sighs
it’s not the time to let the sand slip into the night
no, it’s time… to find a way to burn more bright…

oh the stars they can’t out shine us,
oh the stories they can’t even come close,
and our journey shall be the most epic,
and and the trail map can’t reach where we shall go…


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never had a day you weren’t my first

and i can go search the world, for the second best heart
i can go travel lands & seas, but you will always be in my dreams…
because you stole my heart in a way songs can’t express…
i can’t give it to anyone else, freaking love never is what it seems…

oh so here’s to letting the only one who was my only one… get away….
& here’s to moving on, & all the empty moments since you’ve been gone, …i pray… i try to pray

that someday you will remember my face in your dreams too,
I think it’s about time i break the break, & maybe tell you???

have u realized neither of us will ever be at peace again?
until we turn our bridge into a castle or burn it into ash?
i’m not the kind to look back & live in all my yesterdays,
but since I left you, I still have haven’t gotten my heart back…

never had a day since the day that i met you
i didn’t regret leaving you behind, im telling the truth
and all these guys in the world, will always be second best
after standing next to you, i can’t stand to stand next to anything less.


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ready for more

it doesn’t take much to kick off my memories…
it’s about time i took my life into my own hands…
i’m far too young to be looking back at all my years…
I hope the world is happy for me & understands…

it’s time for me to go! & find a new adventure…
it’s time for them to know! i am ready for so much more…
more than the city out of these mountains, & the sea past
the valley’s floor, & past the equator, & beyond the distant shore…


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wilder than the wild beast

ever feel like breaking every single rule?
breaking out of your life & crashing to the edge of the world?
does the daily mundane drive anyone else insane?
or am I the only one who would rather explode than stay the same?

where jungles & canyons & mountains & seas
all erupt into sensation that brings me down to my knees?
i want to chase after the fiery blur of an angry tiger with bare feet,
i want to ride on the tail of shark in stormy waves foaming over the deep,

i want to be more wild than any wild untamed beast…
i want to feel that passion, i want to know that rapid heart beat
and to the world, i’m just a side-braided docile little thing…
but just it wait, for they have no idea what the soul within me dreams


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going or gone?

it feels like love is an auction these days
and the best items are quickly getting sold away…
and their prices are getting higher by the week
it cost either commitment or compromising…

compromising my political views
or how far i’ll go in the bedroom,
maybe turning a blind eye on faith
or give up on anticipated social grace…

and as the numbers keep flying higher,
i saw you walk onto that floor…
and i didn’t make a bid i just fell for you
i’m still wondering how much you’re going for??

could you ever let me back again & love me?
maybe that hammer already proved me wrong?
at night i wonder if we are still going going going…
or if i lost you, if you are already long gone?


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