You brought out the devil in me

25 Oct

i was the little angel with big green eyes,
everything in the world glowed with faithful love
you were the boy with those blue eyes,
knew just how to make me question all i’d learned of…

and i quickly turned to you for truth,
i didn’t know lies were all you could do,
you showed me how to really make a heart burn,
and then how to numb the newly aquired hurt…

you showed me that lightning doesn’t strike
just because we sinned those nights…
and that even sweet little teddies bears bleed,
and that ghosts aren’t just in my dreams…

then you taught me how to leave with out saying goodbye
just as my world crumbled into a mess of defensive lies
and i thought surely, it was different with you & I…
that’s when i learned that love isn’t always worth the try…

because you only brought out the devil in me,
oh, you taught me how to live in jealously,
you brought out the lies & sneaky little thief…
you made a fallen angel out of me…

and now i’m just reaching at the sunlight
but i can feel all the empty darkness inside,
just trying to grasp enough bright to outshine
all the bitterness you said would pass with time…


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