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passions glories comforts and grace

Oh it’s one of those nights I can not lie
I just want to hold the world close and snuggle inside
to pull comforts and loved ones to warm the cold
and to ignore the obvious fate that before us all, lies…

and yet as it ticks by, another year with little meaning
i look around at who i should choose to unite
for in the future when i look at the end in fear,
i wish i could have a hand to hold in my fright

Where it all goes, what it all means…
i suppose without love, holds no worth or gain…
so passion, and glory, and money & fame….
If i never give of my heart, my life has been in vain…


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Hidden glows

There were years of hidden hope glows,
I dimmed so as not to scare the source away,
But as soon as I let my inner flame be exposed
I watched him or I back up & fade into grays…

If I hadn’t had years of calling it wrong,
If you were the first burning I’d felt before
Then, I’d swear up & down that this was love
And that I could never care for anything more…

If I hadn’t learned how to suppress the red cheeks,
If I hadn’t found how to hide the butterflies within
Then I’d be shining like Rudolf & wafting on clouds
SO I’ll keep my mouth shut and my feelings hidden…

But somewhere beneath, I feel the pounding,
Somewhere within, I feel the mesmerizing glow
Somewhere I hide, it’s fireworks & shooting stars
And & sometime soon enough, it might even show…

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magnetic threads of an epic adventure

Threads of me feel so moved within
as my heart longs me to reach forth,
To stretch out it’s love in tender belief
And unite with your ever-present magnetic force

Years of dead end paths have left me
Skeptical on the meaning of words at all,
But as yours keep knocking on my inner doors
My defenses slowly begin to crumble and fall…

Oh seeker of truth, do not judge my passion
For reality so harshly that you cannot see through
That all I’ve been waiting for was a patient lover
To come capture my will, as I shall capture you.

For a skeptic like I, is simply a romantic in denial,
For whom the normalcy of roses and letters can not do…
No, I need this Romeo and Juliet, epic adventure,
I need a story of battles and volcanoes and a magical truce

Come, sweep me up on your horse back,
Let’s escape to the desert, and find a palace in which to lay
We can fight all the lions and jaguars hidden
And then return triumph with a story someday…


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Evergreen Love

I want to love you as words cannot describe
I want to trust you with your life & mine
I want to believe you and the future you promise
But more than anything, I want to be honest…

Love comes and goes in words as the leaves
That dye in Autumn & are born of the spring
A season for yes and a season for no,
But I’m ready to plant an evergreen to grow…

So if you dare to take on this crazy adventure,
If you so desire and love me as you so claim,
Come be my companion in another world for a year
And I shall give you all of my heart’s gains…


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tomorrows unkept

with only one year
to love or to fear
the distance within
the battle to begin

to hold or release?
to grant or to seize?
to leave or return?
what treasures to earn?

if it was down to the clock
and i had no way to stop
i’d run to your side
to live before I die…

but with a vast sea
of time’s possibilities
i leave on a quest
with my tomorrows unkept

i take the risk
for dreams are too easy to miss
but is life the sights & the sounds?
or to love with loves to surround?


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fighting the blaze

there were feelings i can’t explain
and all sorts of excuses i couldn’t make…
there was the denial he didn’t believe
and then there was just him waiting for me

there was the stomach flutters within
and the red cheeks i hope he missed
there was urge to push him far away
and then the peeking out to see his face…

and i just want to find out who you really are
deep down beneath the kind heart…
it’s the feelings counteracting the pain
and then the practical fighting the blaze


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heart pick-pocket

berry juicy kind of sweet
i let you get the best of me…
and i gave you just enough
but then you grabbed my trust…

and i’m still running,
trying to feel something…
give it back, give it back, it’s mine
somebody get him! tonight….

ain’t nothing but a love pick-pocket
stealing goodies like the love in a locket…
i don’t need your words another time,
i needed you to rise up & really be mine…

but you can’t be caught for this,
think you’re Leonardo Dicaprio’s twin,,
all you are is mean, & stolen part of me..
why won’t you set me free? & let me be…


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you never showed up for the battle

ever feel like your fighting the pillows
more than you’re fighting the fears you push away?…
ever feel like it’s an empty battle field…
but somehow you can’t find a way to escape?

i feel it every day before you ditch our date
i feel it every day i call & get a automated tune..
i get that every time i try to communicate…
i feel that way every day, every day that i’m with you…

ever feel like your trying to save a drowning victim,
only to find that was a sinking anchor in the sea?
or like you’re trying to keep the river from flooding over,
by scooping cups faster than the rain falls in sheets?

sometimes it’s just pointless, & in vain
sometimes you need to let go & pray…
and i’m strong enough to do this on my own..
cause i’m ready to find someone who stays.

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sticky love

Love is sticky as honey in a jar
slightly tinted & hard to depart
and sometimes its sickly sweet in your gut
but all in all it’s the taste of trust

trust being held or broken in the rain
either way, i feel you on my fingers today…
so turn your honey jar upside down…
i know you have some love on the edges round…

somewhere in there you get a feeling for me
just give me a chance to let you love me…

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last chance guitar

a guitar with dark brown stains & marker smears
a microphone that smelled of bad breath & cheap mint
a page scratched & re-written with pen & tears…
and this was the very last chance she was going to get…


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