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love all of them. love the world

I have never been in love. Because love isn’t a feeling, or an experience, or some magical spell. Love is a sacrifice. A sacrifice that I was never willing to make because I didn’t understand the nature of it.

These days, people look for love with the desire to be filled. But love is the opposite. Love is when you meet someone you care about so much, that you desire to empty yourself & fill them. And if that is mutual, that is love. A constant giving & receiving… but giving comes first.

Then it dawned on me, that this isn’t even just romantic love. We are called to love others. All the others, ALL of them. Constantly emptying ourselves & giving to those around us. Will someone hurt you along the way? For sure. Will it seem worth it? Not at first. But the irony will come when you find how happy you are. In fact, that will be when you realize that happiness doesn’t come when you set out to build yourself paradise, it comes every time you give a fruit, a seed, or plot of land to someone else. It is achieved by giving..

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Don’t judge a heart

There are some hearts that seem
Far too fragile to hold their love…
Don’t fear our tender dreams,
Don’t be the one who turns to run…

There are those souls far too apathetic
To have a clue what love even is,
Don’t judge us too harshly,
Once upon a time, it died within….

And there are those who have lost the magic
Whom, turn feelings into formulas and numbers
It doesn’t mean we can’t feel someday,
We just want it to be safe before we step into the wonder…

And there are the forever romantics
Who always dream of kissing in the rain
Indulge our hopeful fantasies
For the world could use more magic these days

Hearts are not meant to be judged…
You know not where it’s been
Hearts were made to be loved
And to bring alive passion within…


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your salesman lies & rusty trash

you sell yourself like a sweet sweet car
tell me about the pretty paint & voom voom power inside
you told me cash only, had me pay upfront,
then you gave me the keys & that’s when I found out you had lied…

oh your shiny little lies how they gleam,
oh your lovely fake leather seats…
oh your pretty words skipping over dings
you’re lying to the world about everything…

but let’s face the facts, you’re in a used car lot,
with a gaudy salesman jacket, who nobody trusts
and it doesn’t take much to see i’m in a whole other class
i’m a genuine find, & you’re busy hiding your rusts

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be stubborn. be you.

don’t lose yourself in the chaos,
find a moment of silence here & there…
don’t lose your faith to masters of doubt,
fate is good to those who live without fear…

and don’t lose your heart among the heartless
don’t lose your grace among the crude,
don’t be afraid of standing as your own person,
because it’s always better to be true…

don’t stop wishing on shooting stars,
and don’t stop ever stop following your dreams…
because the most powerful fire you can light,
is just to be who you were made to be.

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you are my cuprit, victim, and mystery

you are the embodiment of my every extreme
the one closest to my heart, and farthest from me,
you are the sunshine, the thunderstorm, and diamond nights,
you are the cause and solution to my burning inner fight

you are the loser and champion of every debate,
you are the confusion and clarity when i’m insane,
the one i’ll always attack, and always defend,
you are the newest lover, and oldest friend,

when it comes down to it, you are my blessing and curse
like ying and yang, we are intertwined by the universe
you are the fire that drives my heart into a tizzy,
and the peace that you give me, to calm my inner busy…

you are the neons, the glowing, the black hole, the dreams,
you are the culprit, the victim, and my own mystery,
you are the wishes, and the wished for, the wisher, and the star
you hold the questions, the answers, and the maze to my heart


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together is home

now we’re young…
you & me
but we’re on the borderline of
time to go do something..

and all i can think
is how i’m ready
to jump into your arms
and just leave everything

it’s not an escape
and it’s not any particular place
it’s just i want to make our own
our own togetherness home…


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middle is the worst place to me

if the world were a zig zag
i’d be boulder hopping at the peaks
or camping out in the valleys,
because i despise the incline in-betweens

& i’d rather be far away on adventures
or snuggled up in my own home
but i hate the grocery store & post office;
take me all the way or let me never go…

i guess you could say i live in extremes
but is so weird to hate half assed things?
i really want you to either love me or leave
but you’re still stuck in the middle with me…


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