to touch the fallen stars

04 Dec

Many days have I walked in pursuit of the stars
many people think you have to reach too far,
that it’s something beyond humanity’s grasp or worth…
but I have collected remnants of fallen wishes upon the earth…

for every shooting stars bursts into flame
and several crumble into fiery grains,
at least a few of these shimmers fall into the breeze
that then settle & waft down into the sea,

& have been washed up on the shore,
then spread around once more
and now are integrated in the sands
In which I have built castles with mine own hands

and i care not for the stricter definitions or reasons that constrain
for me rainy days are good weather to go & dance with no semblance of shame
for me, the world is but an oyster, & i shall break out of the shell to explore
for me, no matter what they tell me is the story, I will always want to know more

and i see no issue with savoring every bite of life i chew…
i see no problem in deciding for myself all that i shall do,
in fact i see it as perfect to look at a world full of trials & dangers & fears
& know that it shall be mine to conquer for the rest of my years…


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One response to “to touch the fallen stars

  1. mountainsisters

    December 5, 2013 at 9:24 am

    I like the line, “I see no issue with savoring every bite of life. Jane Johnson


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