baggage claim love

07 Dec

i’m flying out to be with you in a few weeks and i can just see it now…

I’ll run from the plane to the baggage claim…
be looking for that stupid purple duffle to put on my cart,
then see you across the room, and feel my face go numb…
and the room becomes a quiet hum, but for my pounding heart…

i don’t care about the scene, i don’t care about the looks,
i want you to move with purpose, & pull me into your arms
“i’ve never been in love, but i want to love you, i want you to love me,
and if you promise not to break it, i can start giving you my heart”

let’s not even leave, let’s just go catch whatever is the next flight
and all i know is that i can’t think of anything or anyone else
who i would want to give my entire life.
baby, you and me, let’s throw caution away, and make the stars align
can’t you hear the airport cheering, & the skies come alive?..


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One response to “baggage claim love

  1. holeinthefabic

    December 8, 2013 at 5:50 am

    so so awesome…


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