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but i can sing of the glories gone

I was the bloom in the thunderstorm
today my petals are strewn about the floor~
refused to believe my sunshine had gone away…
still that girl chasin’ after long lost fates…

You were that ice cream on a summer day
that I left out too long, and found had dripped away,
Our hearts moved with the power of hurricane winds
but that season faded away long ago, since then

We were the rainbow glowing fresh in my heart
we were the flash of a shooting star
we were the fireworks, the fiery bursts of light
and then we fell as scattered ashes & died…

This is the problem with the most powerful of beauties,
they never stick around too long
And I’m that girl left trying to explain to my friends,
why it’s impossible for me to move on…

it was a supernatural phenomenon…
trust me, I am aware our glowing water is gone…
i know that you can’t capture the glorious dawn…
but im still writing song after heart pounding song…….


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chaos turned black & white

we had a darkening twilight, as our backlight

with us as the two shadowy figures on the beach…,

the horns and the sirens eternally silenced

in that picture i can stop holding…


holding to my heart, and holding in my head,

pinning to the wall, and then hiding it again,

where a strong boy holds my head in one hand

with his other pulling me closer to where he stands


and the world all fades away into shades of grey

and flashes flood in through the opened gates…

when memories are so vivid and strong within…

it makes it that much harder to let them all end…


if i could lean my head on your shoulder again tonight…

oh how wrong it would be, to once again relive that lie?…

you are one i’m so sure was not and could not ever be right…

but sometimes i miss that fire, i miss the chaos turned black & white…


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it’s okay to be a star

once upon a time there was a star
lost within a sea of darkness…
unbeknownst to humans, the sky, like the sea
holds many different types of life and nature…

all sorts of dark shadows and waves of light spin about in these vast expanses. but this sparkly star felt white and rather ugly compared to all these mysterious and deep colors that moved about in the sky.

It is okay to be the one to shine… It’s okay to be known…it is okay to be different. it is okay to be bright and not blend in… in fact, you will be the one they write stories and legends about. it is okay to be a star.

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when its finally mine

and the stars are mine
for the very first time
you know they circle our world,
or at least that’s how it is in our eyes…

and this is the farthest from home
anyone i’ve known has ever gone
i’m living the dream…
if adventure is the measure of these things

this is all i ever wanted
in the deepest parts within
oh i’ve craved this and dreamt this
and planned every part of it

and i told them all to walk away
& i told a few to maybe wait
because this was ‘more important than love’
oh looking back, what a fool i was…

because in the blue waters
of the far southern waves
i see your eyes, and
then white sands are your face,

and in the rising Andes peaks,
i remember how high my hopes reached
and in the starlit night, ‘neath the southern cross
i remember that night when we drove, till the roads stopped

and in the foreign friends i meet,
my eyes go glossy every time i meet a Sweed…
and when the lovers all cuddle neath the setting sun,
i wonder exactly just what i’ve done?

Can i ever fall in love again?
oh adventure is amazing, but i can’t pretend
i don’t miss you everywhere i go…
oh im far too content just being alone….


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i can be yours

i can be your fresh faced sleepy eyes,

i can be the one you wake up with by your side,

i could be your got-your-back, go-to girl…

i could be if you’d let me back into your world


oh i’m exploring the deserts and mountains too

and while over looking Valparaíso’s ocean view

like a tidal wave i was hit with memories of you…

will my heart ever let me love somebody new???


let me be your personal chef who burns everything once

your arcade game rival who always wins bronze,

let me be the one you catch in your clear blue eyes

oh let be yours, or take your memories out of my life…

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