is that too much to ask?

09 Apr

I really love being single,
but i see my beauty waning each day…
and I hate the whole got to mingle
but I’m rapidly facing the reality today…

I don’t want a boyfriend, they are wastes of time
I’m perfectly comfortable living my own life..
but im getting to where I want to settle down
and i just want a guy who really figures me out…

i want him to be strong and big, and sweet and kind,
have a handsome face, and preferably blue eyes,
i want him to be wise and witty, and to make me laugh,
and to be deep and true, is that too much to ask?

they say i got to lower these standards down…
but i just don’t know which one, or how…
i’m sorry, but all the good ones are taken these days
maybe i waited too long, and turned love into a game…

but today, i’m dancing on the edge of tomorrow and today


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