i’m gonna crash your heart

15 May

I’m gonna catch you yet…
I’m gonna crash your heart…
i’m gonna flirt real hard,
like i got no pride left to scar…

I’m gonna wrap you around
my little finger like a string,
i’m gonna pull you closer,
until you always stay right next to me…

I’m break down your walls,
change your views on love,
it ain’t just a feeling,
ain’t just a hope, it’s what we was…

it’s what we was back then,
though we didn’t know it yet,
it’s what we are right now,
i’m the face you’ll never forget…

i’m gonna rule your night
like the moon and stars we see,
i’m gonna be super sweet,
and give you my everything

AND THEN, at the end,
i’m gonna let you go away,
let you fly into your own skies,
and we’ll see if you chose to come back into mine…

we’re gonna break the rules together
im gonna break your heart into two
mix it up in a gush of my love,
and see how we do, gonna see how we do…


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2 responses to “i’m gonna crash your heart

  1. Da Absentee

    May 19, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    Reads like a song. I like it!


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